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Principle Of Microwave Oven

Wuxi Sinyooutdoors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 12, 2015

Microwave ovens use microwaves can cross the insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, but does not consume energy and foods that contain water, microwave should not be through, these features make the energy will be absorbed. Shell made from stainless steel and other metal materials for microwave ovens, can stop the microwave from the furnace out, so as not to affect people's health. Food containers made with insulating material. Heart is the magnetron for microwave ovens. The tube called magnetron is a microwave generator, it can generate microwaves of the vibration frequency of 2.45 billion times per second. This invisible microwave can penetrate food 5cm deep and the water molecules in food also sports, vigorous exercise produces a lot of heat, so the food "cooking" by heart.

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