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Principle Of Charcoal Oven

Wuxi Sinyooutdoors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 12, 2015

Carbon dioxide is released in the process of charcoal burning, it is colorless and odorless, and charcoal is burned itself without smoke. Common Grill in the product with smoke, because when making the product oils and condiments to carbon because of the fire.

Smoke-free type of barbecue equipment of furnace body unique of internal design makes in roast business in the, oil and spices not dripping to carbon fire Shang, so on not has smoke; and fried food Shi, in oil of heat not reached 200 degrees of situation Xia is not has smoke of, and we do fried food Shi oil of temperature General in 150-170 degrees Zhijian, so fried food Shi also not has smoke.

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