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Charcoal Grill Overview

Wuxi Sinyooutdoors Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 12, 2015

One, smoke charcoal grill including on a Brazier, insulating the basin, Grill NET, outside the cylinder. All parts are made from stainless steel, thickness 1.0mm smoke smoke way up, you need to install on the telescopic flue pipe.

Second, smoke under charcoal grill including the charcoal Brazier, insulating the basin, the outer cylinder cage smoke ring, the next vent, and the wind metal hose, Bakeware. Part consists of stainless steel plate thickness 1.0mm smoke smoke way down, need to dig the ground tank hidden below ground level exhaust pipes.

Third, since smoke charcoal grill including the charcoal Brazier, insulating the basin, 25W smoking fan speed control electronic throttle body and cage smoke rings, the outer cylinder. Outer tube for cold plate electrostatic spraying, other parts are made of stainless steel plate, plate thickness 1.2mm. Smoke; the furnace with a smoking device, using oil-water separation and forced circulation in the body and force the secondary combustion technology, made of barbecue smoke is effectively removed, so use eliminates the need to install the furnace exhaust pipe, so as to reduce the cost of investment.

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